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All you need is watching, listening and a smartphone

9 Months in Kyiv

Six minutes and forty seconds to catch just few of the numberless narratives you can breath in the air of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Featuring: Michail Bulgakov’s early years, the Chernobyl victims, heritage of the soviet past, Euromaidan turmoils, victims of the war in Donbass, young soldiers and old veterans, life on the frozen Dniepr, tragedy of Holodomor, lost love of Luigi and Mokryna, chess players of Shevchenko park, snow games on Picturesque Alley, Podil old houses, Petrivka old book and flea markets, a child having fun with gushing water at Kreshchatik monumental fountain.



Brâncuși’s stones in an Easter Day

Târgu Jiu, Romania in a mid April Sunday, more precisely, an Easter Day, meeting talking stones of sorts.  Featuring: a foreign family  walking through the very places where Brâncuși began to develop his art vision and where he later went back to leave his artistic and human contribution to mankind. The boys loved it. 

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