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Video Corner

Webinar d’Italia – Incontro con Elvis Malaj

Webinar d’Italia – Incontro con Giulia Corsalini

Ciclo di incontri a cura di Lucia Massacesi in diretta Zoom da Kyiv con scrittori italiani o che abbiano scelto l’italiano per dar voce al proprio universo creativo, pensato come laboratorio di lettura, destinatari gli studenti avanzati di lingua italiana e i loro docenti ucraini, aperto a tutti.

Ciack, si mangia!

Meet the Italian identity as holy food is slowly shared around a dining table. For Italians the food experience together is a shortcut to happiness and cosmic harmony. A selection of food scenes in the Italian cinema tell that story. In fact, a proverb reminds us that Chi non mangia in compagnia o è un ladro o una spia “those who eat alone are either thieves or spies.”

Nine Months in Kyiv

Six minutes and forty-eight seconds to grasp just a few of the silent narratives filling the air of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Featuring: Michail Bulgakov’s street, the Chernobyl nightmare,  art rethinking the soviet heritage, Euromaidan resistence, Donbass war consequences, young soldiers and veterans, the frozen Dniepr, the memory of Holodomor, the private story of Luigi and Mokryna, the unflinching concentration of the Shevchenko Park chess players, winter fun at Picturesque Alley, Podil side streets, Petrivka market old books and  flea market hustle, a child playing with gushing water at Kreshchatik monumental fountain. Two of the featured songs are by Mike Ormsby‘s (Silverfish, 2017), the other is by Yura Samovilov, an emerging Ukrainian songwriter, Malinka Svitka meaning Little Flower.

Brâncuși’s stones in an Easter Day

Târgu Jiu, Romania in a mid April Sunday, more precisely, an Easter Day, meeting talking stones of sorts.  Featuring: a foreign family  walking through the very places where Brâncuși began to develop his art vision and where he later went back to leave his artistic and human contribution to mankind. The boys loved it.

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