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5. Pavel Constantin, Romania Romanya
by Pavel Constantin


Romania Without Dracula is an informative blog with a focus on collateral stories about contemporary Romania. The content is arranged in different formats:

  • Downtown Encounters  Someone special if not properly VIP met by chance
  • Interview  Q&As to someone involved in making today’s Romania a place to be
  • My Take  A personal diary by an Italian expat in Bucharest
  • Hidden Stories Documentaries providing insights into specific local issues
  • Soundtrack Parallel musical worlds you can come across in Romania

RWD is now back with new posts on Fridays, after few months of silence and offline activity.

Any feedback or comment will help to make RWD a lively blog. By the way, you are welcome to share any of the RWD content, as long as you are so polite to credit me for it. Thank you, enjoy your reading!

This post is also available in: Italian