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A new generation of filmmakers – the so called Noul val românesc,  the New Wave Cinema – such as Cristi Puiu, Cristian Mungiu, Radu Muntean, Corneliu Porumboiu, Tudor Giurgiu, and many others, have been giving birth to a very lively new cultural scene combining very local issues with other more widely European and generational elements.

To discover more, is the site to check: there you can find an increasing number of Romanian movies (on a weekly basis), with some of the material otherwise doomed to oblivion for lack of a distribution network. 

My Picks


Domestic by Adrian Sitaru

I have loved this movie which took me inside a Bucharest bloc and made me meet such a variety of compelling  characters, with comedy and tragedy mixing up to conjure an intimate Romanian mood : “Wonderfully surreal, painfully real, this is the story of children, adults and animals who live together trying to have a better life, but sometimes death comes unexpectedly. (…) It is all about us, people who eat the animals that they love and the animals that love people unconditionally.”, from Cinepub introduction.



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