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  • Cinepub communication campaign by GAV
On last February 26th celebrated its first anniversary totaling 5,372.437 minutes – the equivalent of 10 years and 28 days – of Romanian cinema in streaming. To make that possible Lucian Georgescu and his team had been working hard for previous three years.

We must be very grateful to this energetic team, as is the only legally free online platform dedicated to the Romanian cinema.  The films are available in streaming on AVOD platform ( Advertisement-supported Video on Demand). They are all Romanian productions and include documentaries, feature, shorts and animation. The project is engineered by GAV, a communication agency pioneering in cultural marketing in Romania in partnership with Google.

The site is bilingual Romanian/English while many films – especially the most recent ones – provide English subtitles. Cinepub obtains free rights in exchange for its curatorial work and – in some cases – protection against piracy.  Its mission is to showcase the Romanian Cinema and promote  films otherwise cut out from mainstream distribution channels. In fact, the more successful a Romanian film is the more their World Sales Agents tend not to agree on free online streaming outside Romania, but Cinepub keeps on working hard to obtain as much as they can and every new Thursday at 20.30 Bucharest time a premiere movie is launched.

Lucian Georgescu is very proud of his “creature” dedicated to all film lovers and aiming to bring to the audiences not only Romanian films of established authors, but also independent productions made by young passionate beginners very unlikely to find other distribution channels.

Check out more about Lucian Georgescu and his passion for cinema in our interview.



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