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Shevchenko wielding common Euromaidan self-defense gear
Shevchenko wearing common Euromaidan self-defense gear, “Shevchenkiana Project” by Andriy Yermolenko

RWD/ The Project

Romania Without Dracula is an informative blog about little things observed on the Eastern European front, Romania being the place where the project kicked off, Dracula, any kind of stereotype.

Feeds come in different formats: Interviews, Encounters,  Feature Stories, Photo Gallery and Video Corner. RWD new posts add up on irregular basis, competing as they are with  GOTN ones, also by the same blogger.  Texts can be used provided their author properly credited.


The Blogger

Lucia Massacesi is an Italian freelance journalist and amateur photographer. After four years in Romania, she is currently living in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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